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march 5, 2021

Women will Uproot the AKP-MHP Government

We congratulate everybody on the International Women`s Day and commemorate all women who have fallen as martyrs in the struggle against male hegemony.

March 8th is the day on which we pass from the winter of male domination to the spring of women`s freedom. Because of the rising up of women, all of humanity is today looking more hopefully at the future. Because the freedom struggle of women constitutes a struggle for the liberation of humanity as a whole. By struggling for their own liberation women are waging a struggle for the liberation of humanity. If men also want to achieve a life which is truly free and democratic, they need to become an active part of the women`s freedom struggle. As long as women don`t achieve their freedom, men will also remain slaves of a system of exploitation, oppression, and power and will be doomed to live a life filled with the filth of the system of male hegemony. Therefore, women`s freedom particularly means that men will be able to rid themselves of their filth and guilt. Our Leader Abdullah Öcalan – the developer of the theory of `Killing the man` – has always been very aware of this fact. He has killed the kind of man whose personality has been tainted with dirt and who has committed all kinds of crimes.

Our Leader Abdullah Öcalan has begun by killing the maleness within himself. Thus, he has promoted the biggest and most holy struggle in history against the system of male domination. He has helped the woman – the creator of everything holy – get on her feet again thus paving the way for humanity to lead a holy life. Male hegemony has been guiding the course of humanity`s history for 5000 years. Our Leader Abdullah Öcalan has started a new page in the history of humanity which is led by women and will bring about the end of male hegemony. No matter how much the system of male hegemony tries to avoid it, from now on women will lead humanity.

Our Leader Abdullah Öcalan has created the ideology of women`s freedom by analyzing the social character of women throughout history and everything she has lived through. Today, this has become an ideology of liberation for all of humanity. Thus, he has not only enlightened the history of women but also that of humanity. With this major enlightenment, a historic period – represented by women – has begun in which humanity rises up. The ideology of women`s freedom created by our Leader Abdullah Öcalan constitutes a milestone for humanity. With this ideology women have finally become the revolutionary pioneers for the liberation of humanity. By uprooting the 5000-year old system of male domination they are waging the most revolutionary struggle and campaign in history.

Today, the struggles that understand women`s freedom as their basis will bring humanity forward along the line of a free and democratic life. All ideological and political structures that don`t base themselves on women`s freedom are doomed to face setbacks and defeats. Because history will roll in the direction of the struggle for women`s freedom. This is why our Leader Abdullah Öcalan has said, that through the freedom struggle of the Kurdish women the Kurds will become decisive for the freedom struggle of the peoples of the Middle East thus leading the region towards Democratic Civilization. Today, as the Kurdish spindle rolls on, the women`s freedom struggle has taken over the role of not only leading the Middle East, but all of humanity towards Democratic Civilization.

Through the development of an ideological and theoretical foundation of women`s liberation the freedom struggle of women has made great progress everywhere. That is why 2020 has been a year of progress for the freedom struggle of women although the system used Covid-19 as a pretext to obstruct this struggle. Beginning on March 8, women will overcome the instrumentalization of this pandemic as an impediment and increase their struggle in 2021. Nothing will be able to stop the wind of the struggle for women`s freedom anymore. The women who have recognized free life will gather all of humanity around their liberation ideology and clamp down on the system of male hegemony. The fear of this system of male hegemony will continue to grow. And the struggle led by women will force this system to encounter its greatest fears.

Today, Turkey has turned into the center of male hegemony`s reactionism with the AKP-MHP government as its representative. By constantly expanding masculinity it acts as an enemy of women. That is why in 2020, it has directed its biggest attacks against women and has imprisoned hundreds of female politicians who are struggling for women`s freedom. The ever-rising cases of murder and rape against women were also used as a tool to strengthen male hegemony. Therefore, the struggle of all Kurdish, Turkish, Arab, Cicassian, Muslim, Christian, Ezidi and Alevi women against the AKP-MHP government has become a struggle for the liberation of humanity as a whole. On March 8, 2021, all women will increase their struggle against the AKP-MHP government – this enemy of all women and of humanity. This will be the turning point for the struggle for a democratic Turkey and a free Kurdistan. Women will uproot the AKP-MHP government.

The women`s freedom struggle of 2021 will lead to the collapse of the AKP-MHP government and thus shake the foundation of all reactionary governments worldwide. After trying to prolong the life of their government and suffering a devastating defeat in Garê, the AKP-MHP government has become even weaker. Now, the struggle for democracy led by women will bring an end to this government. Under the leadership of women this freedom struggle will not only save the peoples of Turkey, but all peoples of the Middle East from this government that constitutes an enemy of all women. And it will pave the way for the democratization of the Middle East.

On March 8, women in Kurdistan, Turkey and all over the world will rise up. Thus, all dark clouds hovering over humanity will be dispersed and humanity will achieve years of a free and democratic life that rises like the sun.


KCK Executive Council