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march 17, 2021

Newroz 2021: Let`s Crush the Isolation and Free our Leader Abdullah Öcalan

The people of Kurdistan and the Middle East are about to celebrate another historic Newroz. We commemorate all Newroz martyrs who have carried the spirit of Newroz to the present – especially Mazlum Doğan, Zekiye Alkan, Rahşan Demirel, Berivan and Ronahi. We celebrate the Newroz of our leader Abdullah Öcalan. He has turned the Kurdish people into the people of Newroz. Thus, he has played a decisive role for creating all national, social and cultural values of the Kurdish people. We celebrate the Newroz of the Kurdish people – a people of uprisings and Newroz -, of the guerrilla struggling in the mountains and valleys and of all freedom fighters in the prisons. By joining the Newroz 2021 campaign `Time to Ensure Freedom` the Kurdish people has crushed the fascist AKP-MHP government. We are convinced that the Kurdish people will play a major role in liberating our leader Abdullah Öcalan. On this basis we call on the whole Kurdish people to take to the streets on Newroz. Recently, negative information concerning the health of our leader Abdullah Öcalan were spread. Therefore, this year`s Newroz needs to further accelerate the `Time to Ensure Freedom`-campaign by becoming a Newroz of crushing the isolation and liberating our leader Abdullah Öcalan. This year, Newroz needs to send a strong message of the loyalty of our people to our leader Abdullah Öcalan. It needs to clearly show the enemy that he will never be allowed to harm our leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Today, the situation of 2633 years ago is repeating itself in Kurdistan and the Middle East. The policy of the fascist AKP-MHP government does not only oppress the Kurdish people but destroys the future of all people of the Middle East. All methods used by this government have long exceeded the oppression inflicted on the people by Dehak. Today, people need to rise up again like they did 2633 years ago under the leadership of the blacksmith Kawa. 2021 needs to become the year in which the people rise up just like 2633 years ago and bring an end to the fascist AKP-MHP government – the Dehak of today. This needs to be the goal of this year`s Newroz celebrations.

Newroz is the day of protecting and strengthening the existence and national values of the Kurdish people. At the same time, it is the day of increasing the struggle based on the friendship of the people against the oppressors. Today, the united struggle of the people is needed more than ever. When the Kurdish people achieves its unity and struggles together with all other people of the region, it will guarantee both its national existence and liberate the people of the Middle East. Because today, the struggle against the fascist government of the AKP-MHP is a struggle for national survival as much as it is a struggle for the liberation of the people of the Middle East.

Based on its Newroz uprisings of the last 30 years the Kurdish people has become the leading force of freedom in the Middle East. Especially the freedom struggle of the Kurdish women has added many beautiful values to the thousand-year old values of Newroz. The Kurdish people – this people of Newroz – has become the sun and kiblah of humanity`s quest for freedom.

On March 8, the Kurdish women have proven that they are the most active force of freedom in the global women`s freedom struggle. This has shown everybody that – with the freedom spirit of women – Newroz 2021 will be celebrated more than ever and that the end of the genocidal colonialists and all oppressors is near. The Kurdish women and youth need to carry the passion and excitement for freedom of March 8 to Newroz. They need to turn all places where Newroz is celebrated into places of an increased struggle for freedom and democracy.

The Newroz celebrations of the past decades, the experiences and the dreams of all those who have fallen as martyrs during these uprisings have turned Newroz into a time where the struggle of the Kurdish people for a free and democratic life reaches its peak. The spirit of Newroz contains a force of a free and democratic life that is strong enough to bring an end to all kinds of oppression. This is why the oppressors and genocidal forces are filled with fear every Newroz. On this year`s Newroz, everybody needs to take to the streets with this spirit and thus make the fears of all oppressors reality.

Those who sacrifice themselves for the Kurdish people have lit the fire of freedom just like the blacksmith Kawa did in the palace of the tyrant Dehak. The fire that today`s Kawas have lit in Garê needs to be lit in all valleys, cities, villages, neighborhoods and other places. Thus the year 2021 needs to be turned into a year of freedom.

The time has come to free our leader and live in our free country.


KCK Executive Council