Our Statements

march 22, 2021

Need for Constant Protests for Freedom of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan

This year`s Newroz was celebrated in a historic way in all the four parts of Kurdistan and abroad. The Newroz celebrations have increased the spirit of our people and friends while at the same time striking horror into the hearts of all enemies of the Kurds and democracy. We greet and celebrate everybody who has contributed to this spectacular Newroz, our people who have filled the squares and streets, and all our friends who participated. This Newroz has already turned 2021 into a year of victory for freedom.

We understand this year’s Newroz celebrations as call on us and an order to increase our campaign `End isolation, fascism and occupation – Time to ensure freedom` and to guarantee its success in 2021. Our people – especially the youth and women – have turned Newroz into such an arena of struggle and will increase this struggle even more in 2021, despite all attacks and difficulties. This messaged of will and determination has been manifested in all those places where Newroz was celebrated.

With the total isolation of our leader Abdullah Öcalan ever since April 5, 2015, the political coup of June 7, 2015 and the attacks on our people, the Oct. 2014 `Subversion Plan` has turned into an all-out attack. Its goal is to suppress our people, crush our movement, and bring our freedom struggle to its knees in order to complete the Kurdish genocide. Yet, despite all these heavy attacks our leader Abdullah Öcalan, our Freedom Movement, the guerrilla, the prisons, democratic forces and our people have shown a historic resistance. The enemy’s attacks have not yielded a single result anywhere. This year`s Newroz has send a clear message: Under no circumstances will the `Subversion Plan` yield any results; its failure is inevitable.

Our leader Abdullah Öcalan has called our people ‘the people of Newroz and of uprising’. This year`s Newroz has proven that our people has truly become such a people. It has become a people that is fighting for its existence and freedom. It has shown both friends and the enemy that no amount of pressure will be enough to make it give up this struggle. The Kurdish people is determined to live freely with its identity, language and culture on its own land. With its stance, it has once again made it clear that it is determined to lead a free and democratic life and that it will put this into practice on the basis of the Democratic Nation and the peoples friendship – in accordance with the 2633-years old spirit of Newroz. The strong support for the HDP on Newroz is a clear sign of this spirit.

During this year`s Newroz, with the slogans `Long live our Leader Abdullah Öcalan` and `Freedom for our Leader Abdullah Öcalan` our people have stood up strongly for our Leader. At the same time, this strong support is a response to the information spread concerning the health and life of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Our people immediately demand clear and positive news regarding the health and life of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Because it is well-known that the current fascist government is an enemy of all values of the Kurds. Therefore, our people do not only demand the end of the isolation anymore. They calls for the physical freedom of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan so that they will never again have to face similar information. This is what our people struggle for.

The current status of the health and security of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan has still not been clarified. The fact that the current government is characterized by its hostility towards all the Kurds renders its last statement on Imrali irrelevant and void of any credibility. Therefore, it is necessary for the lawyers of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan to have a face-to-face meeting with him. Until this happens, our people need to constantly and creatively keep up their Newroz stance for our Leader. Our people and all our friends – especially the youth and women – need to be on the streets until we receive clear information regarding the health and security of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Our people, we ourselves, and our friends immediately expect clear information regarding the health and security of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan. If the situation of our Leader is not clarified immediately we will take a new stance. Our people, our friends and all democratic forces need to prepare themselves for new ways and methods of our struggle in case that there is no immediate clarification of the situation. We have the responsibility to take our struggle to a new level in order to receive information about the health and security of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan. To stand up for our Leader who has spent all his life struggling for the people and us means standing up for our existence and freedom.

This year`s Newroz has made it clear that our people and all our friends are standing up for our Leader Abdullah Öcalan and are ready for every form of struggle for him. We would like to once again stress that it is necessary to constantly keep up this support for our Leader Abdullah Öcalan. We once again greet the youth, the women and all our people who rose up on Newroz. With their stance and spirit, they have shown everybody that they are a people that fights for freedom.


KCK Executive Council