Our Statements

january 01, 2024

Making 2024 the Year of Victory

Today we have entered a new year of the Gregorian calendar, which is celebrated universally as a New Year’s holiday and which also means Christmas for the Christian world. On behalf of our movement, first of all we congratulate the Christian world on Christmas. We also congratulate our people, the peoples of the Middle East and all humanity on the new year and wish that it brings freedom to the peoples, women, the oppressed and all humanity.

The year 2023 has been a year of great struggle against the genocidal, exploitative, male-dominated system of capitalist modernity all over the world and especially in Kurdistan. Peoples, women, laborers and all oppressed social groups have been in an uninterrupted struggle and have allowed us look to the future with more enthusiasm by raising the hope for equality, freedom and a world without exploitation. We sincerely salute all these struggles against the order of exploitation and share our feelings of solidarity with all the peoples of the Middle East and the world, women, workers, laborers and all oppressed groups.

One of the features that made 2023 different was the increased sense of solidarity among those struggling for freedom and the universalization of the struggle. This was embodied in the Freedom Campaign launched for the physical freedom of Leader Apo. The ideology of Democratic Modernity and the paradigm of a democratic, ecological, women’s liberationist society based on it, which Leader Apo developed against the ideology and lifestyle of capitalist modernity, have brought together all those who struggle and seek freedom and equality, ensuring the unity of struggle. This represents a new stage in the struggle for freedom. On October 10, 2023, the international Freedom for Öcalan Campaign was launched. On this occasion, we once again heartily congratulate and greet all friends, peoples, intellectuals, writers, workers, artists, ecologists, women, young people who have launched and participated in the Freedom Campaign, and express our respect and wishes for success.

The patriotic people of Kurdistan have been among those who have achieved the greatest struggle against the system of capitalist modernity and the genocidal colonialist order. The Kurdish people have been in an uninterrupted struggle in Rojhilat [Eastern Kurdistan], Rojava [Western Kurdistan], Bashûr [Southern Kurdistan], Bakur [Northern Kurdistan], Shengal [Sinjar], Maxmur and wherever they are abroad and have raised the hope of victory. In the face of genocidal colonialism’s oppression, arrest, occupation, massacre and execution practices, our people resisted with the slogan “to live is to resist” and “Jin, Jiyan, Azadî” and thwarted the enemy’s plans of genocide. With their struggle, the Kurdish people and Kurdish women have continued to lead the struggle for the freedom of the oppressed in the Middle East and the world, to instill hope in humanity.

Undoubtedly, it was the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla that resisted against the attacks of capitalist modernity and genocidal colonialism the most. Through this, much was accomplished. The guerrilla has proved itself worthy of its title as the Guerrilla of Democratic Modernity by breaking all attacks with the Apoist spirit of sacrificial resistance. The guerrilla has increased our hope for victory, developed our determination to struggle, and made us, our people and all humanity victorious against the bloodsucking colonialists. On this occasion, we once again salute the guerrilla’s resistance with the warmest feelings, congratulate the new year and wish them continued success.

The system of capitalist modernity, which is an enemy of society and nature, has become more exposed in the eyes of humanity with the war, massacre, exploitation, immigration, misery, plunder and all kinds of corruption it conducted in 2023, and the belief that this system must be overcome has increased. It has once again become clear from the events in Gaza that capitalist modernity is nothing but war, extortion and plunder. The war in Gaza was waged and endorsed in order to dominate energy and trade routes, exploit resources and make profit. All states, especially the USA, Israel and Turkey, approach the issue accordingly, they exploit the suffering of people and use this according to their interests. No state has approached the subject with the freedom of the Palestinian people at heart, which is the exact approach to the Kurdish people,

But the peoples of the world have shown solidarity with the Kurdish people and the Palestinian people, making clear that they do not want to remain under the rule of the system of capitalist modernity any longer. Because the Kurdish and Palestinian peoples are among the most exploited and annihilated peoples in the world order established by capitalist modernity. Neither the Middle East nor the world can be free without solving the problems of these two peoples.

In 2024, the historical responsibility that awaits us is to overthrow the genocidal colonialist fascist order, to push back capitalist modernity and to make Democratic Modernity more viable. We believe that our people and all the peoples of the world who completed 2023 by heightening the hope of victory even more, will turn 2024 into a year of victory. As the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we state that we will take such a stand, and with this belief, we call on everyone, especially our people, who are in favor of freedom and a world without exploitation, to make 2024 the year of victory by further expanding the struggle.


KCK Executive Council