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april 04, 2024

Let’s Celebrate Rêber Apo’s Birth with Great Joy and Enthusiasm

We celebrate the 75th birthday of our leader, Abdullah Öcalan, who awakened the Kurdish people and developed their struggle for freedom. His day of birth is rightfully recognized by our people as the anniversary of the most important birth in history, so they rejoice and express gratitude for it. We convey our congratulations to Rêber Apo1, the Kurdish people, and all of humanity on this significant day.

Rêber Apo is, beyond doubt, an important historical figure. He has developed his ideas, reshaped humanity through organization, and authored a new chapter in history. He has demonstrated in his actions that he is an outstanding worker, friend, comrade, revolutionary, and patriot. He offered everything he had—life, death, and soul—to ensure that injustice was eradicated, wrongs were rectified, and people were given the opportunity to morally fulfill their lives. He underwent a profound deepening of consciousness, which he ultimately transformed into knowledge and put to the service of humankind. He put in the most effort, fought the hardest, and accomplished the most good a human being can for a country and its people, for society and for humanity. He developed the idea and the means by which the Kurdish people, who endured the worst forms of persecution and were driven into extinction by genocide and denial, would once again stand on their own two feet and be given the opportunity to live.

Not only did he succeed in becoming a historical personality himself, but he also created the circumstances required for the emergence of historical personalities. The ideas and philosophy of Rêber Apo have allowed Mazlum2, Sara3, Egîd4, Zekiye5, Rahşan6, among many others, to write history. Through the paradigm shift and philosophy of Rêber Apo—a historical breakthrough—the Kurdish people have become aware of who they are, freed from slavery, and are at peace with themselves. They are no longer a society which is disconnected, awaiting to be destroyed soon. Rather, they have rediscovered their essence as noble people. For this reason, the Kurdish people feel both gratitude and pride towards Rêber Apo. This is the reason the Kurdish people are devoted and loyal to Rêber Apo.

The international conspiracy was orchestrated by the forces of capitalist modernity, the Ehrimans of our day, to impede the historical rise of Rêber Apo. The rise of Rêber Apo and the changes he brings about are of a magnitude that would free the entire Middle East. Undoubtedly, this would upend the goals of capitalist modernity. This is the rationale behind the international conspiracy7 that resulted in his solitary captivity on Imrali. But Rêber Apo has turned the Imrali isolation into an opportunity for a fresh revelation and historical breakthrough. He created the paradigm of democratic modernity as opposed to the system of capitalist modernity. He created an alternative to the emancipation of nature, society, women, the person, and life itself. Rêber Apo has gained universal status by developing a system that ensures the freedom of not only the Kurdish people but the entirety of humanity through the formation of a democratic paradigm based on women’s freedom and ecological friendliness. This was his reaction to the solitary confinement and international conspiracy that he faced. Through Imrali, the conspirators sought to destroy Rêber Apo, but he succeeded by becoming a global personality. He responded to the brutality of Imrali by expressing his profound devotion and affection to women, the Kurdish people, oppressed people around the world, life itself, and universal human ideals. The desire for Rêber Apo’s physical freedom, as well as the embrace of his ideas, are now global. It is clear that the most important development of our time is the birth of Rêber Apo, his emergence, and the universal embrace that has come from this emergence.

The goal of the fascist AKP-MHP government is to use complete isolation and the annihilation of the Kurdish people to stop future historical and global growth. This is a position shared by all the forces of capitalist modernity alike, namely the AKP-MHP administration. The powers upholding the isolation and solitary imprisonment of Rêber Apo are the powers of capitalist modernity. Essentially, it is an effort to enslave all of humanity to the capitalist world. As a result, international solidarity with the Kurdish people is extremely important and meaningful. The political and social component of the international ‘freedom of Rêber Apo’ campaign has advanced significantly with Newroz.

On another note, the determination of our people and the forces of democracy to fight the homicidal fascist government’s attempts to usurp or conduct conspiratorial policies is admirable. We sincerely cherish our people’s spirit of struggle and resistance.

Again, we esteem and congratulate the Kurdish people, women, youth, people of the Middle East, and the rest of humanity during this auspicious moment. We invite everyone to increase their commitment to understanding and embracing Rêber Apo better, to joyfully and enthusiastically celebrate this auspicious occasion, and to strengthen the fight for freedom.


KCK Executive Council


1 Referring to Kurdish peoples leader Abdullah Öcalan.

2 Mazlum Dogan is one of the founding members of the PKK and was one of the pioneers of the resistance in the infamous Amed (tr.: Diyarbakir) prison. On Newroz 1982, he set fire to his cell, referring to fire as the central symbol of the Newroz tradition, and hanged himself. This act of resistance was the trigger for a long series of resistance actions in Turkish prisons and also led to a reorientation of resistance outside the prisons.

3 Sakine Cansiz is one of the founding members of the PKK and was one of the pioneers of the resistance in the infamous Amed (tr.: Diyarbakir) prison, as well as she pioneered the movement for women’s freedom. She got assassinated by the Turkish state on January 9, 2013 in Paris.

4 Mahsum Korkmaz was the first commander of the Kurdish guerrilla. He fell martyr in combat on March 28, 1982 in the province of Şirnak.

5 In reference to Zekiye Alkan, who burned herself alive in protest against the banning of the Newroz festival in Amed in 1990.

6 In reference to Rahşan Demirel. She protested against the ban by Turkey’s Minister of the Interior that Newroz could not be celebrated in 1992 and burned herself to death in Kadifekale.

7 By international conspiracy he refers here to how Abdullah Öcalan was kidnapped in violation of international law on February 15, 1999 and taken to the prison island of Imrali after he had gone through a political odyssey through various countries that began on October 9, 1998. The forced odyssey and abduction is verifiable the work of various states and secret services, above all the CIA, Mossad, the Greek and Italian states.