Our Statements

march 09, 2024

We Strongly Condemn the Massacre of Şêladizê

Two citizens from the Şêladizê city of Southern Kurdistan, Seyid Mibarek Dêwikî and Azar Ferec Zêbarî, were killed in an attack carried out by the fascist and repressive Turkish regime yesterday, while another civilian sustained injuries. Similarly, a month ago the Turkish state killed two more citizens, Arif Teha and Beşîr Umer Elî from Akrê. During the same time frame, the fascist Turkish regime terrorized four citizens in the Behdînan region and more citizens in the Soran and Sulaymaniah regions.

The Turkish state has unquestionably been waging a campaign of massacre against the Kurdish people for more than a century, with the ultimate goal of wiping out the Kurdish identity from the face of the planet. This has culminated in attacks, terror, and oppression. In order to achieve its own objectives, the Turkish state needs Kurds who sell themselves; Kurds who will show the Turkish army the way, who will propagate treason, and hide the crimes of the Turkish state. Regretfully, the ‘Kurdistan Democratic Party’ (KDP) not only fails to condemn these massacres, but helps the fascist state by covering up and even endorsing the crimes of the Turkish state through the political discourse they steer and the media under their control, thus doing the fascist state a great service.

This at a time when the hands of Turkish rule are stained with the blood of the Kurds, and the Kurdish children, which they have killed. The rulers of the KDP are meeting with Erdoğan and Hakan Fidan, holding meetings where they shake hands. Undoubtedly, the massacre that took place in Şêladizê is the result of the meeting that the KDP, Erdoğan and Hakan Fidan attended in Antalya, where the KDP made its promise to continue the betrayal. If it were not for the consent, acceptance and collaboration of the KDP and the Barzanî family, it would never be possible for the Turkish state to commit these crimes and attack the Kurdish people.

It has not only divided Kurdish politics, not only Kurdistan, but has also divided Kurdish society with its attitude and policies. It is necessary to show that the pain we are experiencing in Şêladizê, Akrê and Sulaymaniah is not a pain that divides us, rather one that is shared equally by all patriots, that we stand together against it. It is our responsibility, the responsibility of all social classes, women and youth, as well as all political forces in South Kurdistan and Iraq, to stand against the attacks of the Turkish state and the betrayal of the KDP. Especially in this phase, the attitude of intellectuals, artists, writers, civil society organizations and journalists is immensely important. It must be realized that every single stance taken can help protect the life of a fellow citizen, while silence opens the way to further terrorist attacks by the Turkish state and Erdoğan.

We strongly condemn the massacre that took place yesterday in Şêladizê. At the same time, we promise that we will avenge the blood of the martyrs by continuing our struggle and resistance. We express our condolences to the entire Kurdish people, and in particular to the people of Şêladizê and especially to the families of the martyrs Seyid Mibarek Dêwikî and Azar Ferec Zêbarî. We share their pain. At the same time, we wish the wounded a speedy recovery.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee