Our Statements

january 17, 2024

It is Necessary to Take Action Against the Turkish War Crimes in Rojava

The Turkish state has been attacking Rojava [West Kurdistan/North Syria] since January 13, 2024 within the scope of its genocidal plans and has been continuing these attacks for 4 days. Once again, warplanes and drones targeted residential areas, infrastructure both above and below ground, production sites, oil production centers and energy facilities, warehouses, depots, hospitals and schools. We strongly condemn these brutal and despicable attacks by the genocidal colonialist Turkish state. With these attacks, the Turkish state has once again shown to the whole world how strongly hostile it is regarding the Kurds, that it is hostile to the people, and that it has no share in humanity and morality.

We have underlined in many of our statements that the Turkish state has an anti-Kurdish mentality and aims to occupy Rojava within the framework of its policy of Kurdish genocide. The Turkish state proves this fact every time with its inhumane attacks. Kurdish enmity has reached the level of a disease in the Turkish state and Tayyip Erdoğan’s administration. The damage of this diseased mentality, which grows like a tumor as long as it lives, increases a little more every day. The uprooting of this diseased mentality will benefit not only the Kurdish people, but all the peoples of the Middle East, especially the peoples of Turkey, and humanity.

The genocidal colonialist Turkish State is committing war crimes in front of everyone’s eyes. The attacks against Rojava are within the scope of war crimes and the Turkish state also commits the crime of genocide by continuously committing massacres. Striking supply depots, electricity, water and energy stations, leaving cities without electricity, water, bread and fuel is the gravest war crime. The Turkish state has repeatedly committed these crimes in front of the eyes of the world. But the world remains silent. This attitude is unacceptable. Keeping silent against these attacks of the Turkish state means being a partner to the attacks, to the war crimes and genocide crimes committed by the Turkish state. This attitude is criminal and in essence no different from what the Turkish state is doing. First and foremost, the United Nations (UN) must oppose these inhumane attacks and war crimes of the Turkish state, declare them unacceptable and take measures. Also other international institutions should take a stand in this direction and oppose the Turkish state’s invasion, annexation and genocide attacks. Again, the Coalition forces in Rojava should have an attitude not only against ISIS attacks but against all attacks. It is unacceptable to take a stance against ISIS but remain silent against the attacks of the Turkish state. There is a coalition force of more than 70 countries in Northern and Eastern Syria. If they are not going to oppose the attacks on Rojava, including the attacks of the Turkish state, then why are they in Rojava?

The Turkish state is not only harming the Kurdish people with its policies, it is harming the whole region. The Tayyip Erdoğan administration wants to escalate, deepen and spread war in the Middle East. Its policies are based on this. It is wanted to draw everyone into conflict, to pit them against the Kurds and each other. It aims to do this with the attacks on Iraq, Syria, South Kurdistan and Rojava.

From here, we once again call on the UN and the relevant international organizations, as well as the Coalition forces and states in Rojava, not to remain silent in the face of these attacks and war crimes, and to take a stance. The people of Rojava have so far shown the necessary resistance and attitude against the attacks of the Turkish state. We salute this resistance attitude of the Rojava people. The genocidal colonialist Turkish state wants to intimidate the peoples of Rojava and North East Syria with these attacks, deprive them of opportunities and make them leave their homes and migrate. Thus, it wants to realize its genocide plans. This is the main purpose of the attacks. The people of Rojava, with the consciousness of freedom and being aware of this reality, must continue their attitude by further strengthening their resistance and unity and frustrate this plan of the enemy. Stopping the attacks and being free is only possible through struggle. The people of Rojava, who know and realize this, must continue this attitude. The Syrian state must also take a stance against the attacks and war crimes of the Turkish state and must not accept this. The unity, liberation and freedom of Syria is only possible by opposing the attacks of the Turkish state and the gangs it feeds and attacks. For this, the Syrian state must act and struggle together with the peoples of Rojava, Northern and Eastern Syria against the Turkish state’s invasion, annexation and genocide attacks. Likewise, the Arab public opinion and states must react to the attacks of the Turkish state, reject and oppose them and take a stance.

The Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan and abroad must mobilize for Rojava and defend it. All our international friends and revolutionary democratic forces must stand in solidarity with the Kurdish people and defend the Rojava Revolution. The Rojava Revolution is the common heritage of all humanity. First and foremost, revolutionaries, socialists, women and all democratic forces must develop a strong stance against it, create political pressure with the stance they will put forward and force everyone to take a stance. One cannot remain silent any longer against the attacks that the Turkish state has carried out since January 13, 2024 and is still continuing. Once again, we strongly condemn the inhumane attacks of the Turkish state and call on everyone to be responsible and take a stance against the attacks and war crimes committed by the Turkish state.


KCK Executive Council