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may 17, 2024

The Court that Sentences Politicians to Prison is a Genocidal Court

Dozens of HDP executives, members, and politicians were given heavy sentences in the conspiracy of the Kobanê process, which is part of the Kurdish genocide policies and was opened with the aim of destructing the basis of democratic politics. The administration of the fascist AKP-MHP has signed one of the most scandalous reversed verdicts in history, in which the righteous were condemned and the guilty were exonerated. This trial, which is the clearest manifestation of anti-Kurdish mentality, has nothing to do with the law. It is a conspiracy developed by the fascist AKP-MHP power, exactly as it is called in public opinion. The conspiracy of the Kobanê process is a completely political case, a genocide case. The court that issued this verdict is a genocidal court. The conspiracy of the Kobanê process is a condemned case that has no legitimacy, neither in the eyes of the Kurdish people nor in those of Turkish society and general public opinion.

The government of the fascist AKP-MHP opened this case in order to prevent the solution of the Kurdish question on the basis of Turkey’s democratization by silencing and destructing democratic politics. The court’s decision serves this purpose. This case is also very important in terms of revealing the strong relationship between the approach to the Kurdish people, the Kurdish question, and the approach to democracy. It is becoming clearer every day what kind of situation the AKP-MHP, which insists on Kurdish genocide, has brought Turkey into. It has left nothing in the name of law, justice, and fairness. The state is completely dominated by gangs, mafias, and interest groups, and society is left to the mercy of extreme poverty. This course of events will result in heavy destruction, and everyone that takes part in it will be buried under it. Therefore, the most fundamental conclusion to be drawn from this situation is that all those in favor of democracy and freedom should join the forces that struggle for the democratization of Turkey and the democratic solution of the Kurdish question. Everyone who wants to contribute to democracy and the future of Turkey should take this as a basis. It is not possible to play any other positive role than this.

The conspiracy of the Kobanê process has once again revealed the vital importance of the struggle. It is an indispensable need for democratic politics and democratic forces to strengthen their unity and solidarity and to increase the struggle. The democratic ground becomes possible with the destruction and overcoming of fascism. This is possible through the united struggle that revolutionary democratic forces will develop. This is the most fundamental conclusion we must draw from this process. No force that defines and positions itself as the opposition in Turkey should have attitudes that would legitimize the AKP-MHP’s politics. The AKP-MHP fascist government is at war with the Kurdish people, the peoples of Turkey, the future of society, democracy, freedom, and law. Its current rhetoric of softening is a complete deception. The decisions taken in the conspiracy of the Kobanê process have revealed the reality of the AKP. The approach towards Kurds and democratic politics is also the approach towards Turkey and democracy. There is an unbreakable link between the two. Knowing this, everyone must act, take the struggle as a basis, and expand it.


KCK Executive Council