Our Statements

january 20, 2024

Let’s Raise the Struggle Against Genocidal Attacks

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards launched missile attacks targeting Hewlêr [Erbil] in the night of January 15. There were several citizens who lost their lives in these attacks. We condemn this attack on Hewlêr and offer our condolences to the relatives of those who lost their lives. The KDP’s policies that turn Kurdistan into a war and occupation zone are subject to criticism. But attacks targeting the Kurdish people and settlements as a result of these wrong policies are not only not legitimate but also not right. The Iranian state should establish constructive dialogues with the Kurds, stop its attacks on Kurdistan and not provide a basis for attempts to legitimize the Turkish occupation.

However, genocidal attacks against our people and Kurdistan under the leadership of the Turkish state continue. The resistance shown by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla against these attacks by raising the bar of heroism to the top disrupts the balance of fascism and makes it even more aggressive. It is obvious that a people facing genocidal attacks has no other option but to resist and insist on a free life. The Kurdish guerrilla, which exists on this basic principle of humanity, is dismantling and destroying the Turkish occupation step by step. This level of resistance, which strengthens the will of the people of Kurdistan, disturbs the Turkish government and the KDP the most. The fascist Turkish army, which was moved and placed in the mountains of Kurdistan with the unlimited means of the KDP, does not know what to do with the blows it receives from the guerrilla.

Our movement has been criticizing the KDP’s collaborative politics and the dangers it poses for Kurdistan for a long time. The KDP has not only turned a deaf ear to these criticisms and warnings, but has also become even more resentful towards the Kurdish freedom movement. In order to hide its collaborative line of betrayal, it has brought more troops of the Turkish army into the mountains of Kurdistan, closer to the guerrilla positions. The guerrilla of the PKK reached the most qualified and result-oriented level in the history of Kurdish military and defense. With this level, the guerrilla is dealing fatal blows to the ongoing occupation operations in cooperation of KDP and the Turkish state. The Kurdistan Freedom Movement leaves the AKP-MHP occupying politics breathless in the mountains of Kurdistan and calls for surrender.

The fascist Turkish state is committing war crimes against our people and Kurdistan by using all kinds of weapons. It directly targets the living needs and areas of the society, especially in North and East Syria as well as in Rojava, and aims to change the demographic structure of Kurdistan by bombing and evacuating settlements in South Kurdistan [Northern Iraq], targeting people with drones and UAVs. There has been no serious reaction from both the international side and the administration in Hewlêr. In fact, the KDP is doing everything, including evacuating villages, for the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan. North and East Syria, the Medya Defense Zones [areas controlled by the guerrilla], South Kurdistan, Şengal [Sinjar] and Mexmûr are systematically targeted by these genocidal attacks. Chemical, thermobaric and tactical nuclear weapons are used in these attacks. The targeting of Kurds with these weapons, the use of which is forbidden by international rules against human beings and nature, is not seen, and the genocide of Kurds is seen as legitimate. KDP collaborationism also plays an important role in creating this legitimacy. This collaborative politics gives Hakan Fidan, who has risen from murderer to foreign minister, the courage to threaten the Kurds and force them to surrender.

We call on the revolutionary and the democratic public opinion, especially on our people, to take a stance and attitude against all kinds of attacks against Kurdish national gains and collaborative policies that pave the way for Kurdish genocide, to protect Kurdish national gains and values and to raise the struggle.

We call on the international public opinion to be sensitive to the policies of sacrificing the Kurdish people to the interests of hegemonic powers, not to remain silent and to take an effective stance.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee