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february 22, 2024

KDP imposes a New Anfal on Kurdistan

Two people from South Kurdistan1, Bashir Umer Ali and Arif Teha, were martyred in an attack by warplanes belonging to the occupying Turkish state on mount Şiyar in the Kafya village of Behdinan. They were targeted while working in the fields of their village.

We denounce this atrocity and extend our sympathies to the families of the martyrs as well as to the people of South Kurdistan as a whole.

These brutal attacks of the occupying Turkish state reveal that Turkey is against all Kurds and considers the shedding of Kurdish blood and the destruction of Kurdistan as a legitimate act. In the attacks of the occupying Turkish state against South Kurdistan, almost a thousand villages were emptied and destroyed; hundreds of citizens were martyred, hundreds were wounded and tens of thousands were displaced. In addition, hundreds of Kurdistan freedom guerrillas were martyred as a result of the use of chemical weapons.

This situation is a new attack and like a new Anfal2 at the hands of the occupying Turkish state, with the KDP-led government as a partner, guiding the Turkish state, trying to hide its crimes and even providing legitimacy to these crimes. The KDP is also preventing a mass and patriotic stance against these massacres. In other words, the KDP is imposing a new Anfal on Kurdistan. At a time when the blood of the citizens of South Kurdistan is being shed by the fascist Turkish state, the KDP leaders welcomed Turkish rulers on red carpets, embracing them and posing for the cameras.

The fascist Turkish state, led by Erdoğan and Bahçeli, is busy formulating a new and comprehensive invasion plan against South Kurdistan. The visits of Turkey’s terrorist ministers to Hewlêr and Baghdad are in preparation for this attack. KDP officials want to drag the Iraqi state into cooperation with the Turkish state in this new invasion attack. Therefore, we call on all forces and parties in South Kurdistan and the authorities of the Iraqi state to take a stand against these attacks and massacres of the Turkish state and to prevent Turkey from spilling the blood of more citizens in South Kurdistan.

Once again, we send our condolences to the people of South Kurdistan and especially to the families of martyr Arif and martyr Bashir and share their pain and concerns. We also pledge to avenge all martyrs on the path of martyr Helmet Dêrelûk against fascism, occupation and collaborationism.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee

Footnotes added by the translator:

1 According to nation-state borderes North Iraq.

2 The Anfal operation was a genocide between 1986 and 1989 carried out by the Iraqi Baath regime under Saddam Hussein against the Kurdish population and other minorities such as the Assyrians and Chaldeans in southern Kurdistan/northern Iraq.