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february 22, 2024

Congratulations to the Guerrilla Forces Involved in the Latest Revolutionary Operations

On February 17, 2024, guerrilla fighters of the ‘People’s Defense Forces’ (HPG) and the ‘Free Women’s Units’ (YJA Star) carried out a revolutionary operation in the name of Şehîd Doğa Viyan, This operation was launched against the Turkish army’s occupation of the Cûdî peak in the Şehîd Delîl region of West Zap, within the Medya Defense Zones1.

The public was informed yesterday of the purpose, course, and outcomes of the operation by the ‘Central People’s Defense Command‘ (HSM). With this revolutionary operation, the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla struck a serious blow to the Turkish army that was occupying the region. The guerrilla dealt another major blow to the genocidal colonialist Turkish regime. We applaud this successful operation, congratulate the whole command and fighting structure that took part in the actions. We send our best wishes for continued success. We congratulate the HSM too.

Once again, we commemorate all the martyrs of the revolution and of democracy with great respect and gratitude, especially Şervan Varto, who was martyred by fighting heroically in this action. We bow respectfully and reaffirm our dedication to them as well as renewing our promise to guarantee victory. The freedom guerrilla of Kurdistan, with their revolutionary operation, has demonstrated how it approaches the reality of the martyrs and how it adheres to the memory of them. This approach of the guerrilla fully reflects and represents the PKK’s approach. Everywhere, we must approach the reality of martyrs as the guerrilla approaches it, and we must take it as a basis to keep the martyrs alive by expanding the struggle.

The guerrilla has once again demonstrated through this action that it is strong and capable of defending Kurdistan from the invaders. The guerrilla’s activities are shattering the fascist AKP-MHP administration and weakening its concept of genocide. But the AKP-MHP administration is unable to acknowledge its loss therefore denies it. The AKP-MHP government has created so many false narratives that it is at a loss for words and actions in response to the events that have transpired.

It is absolutely unrealistic to believe that the AKP-MHP administration, with its occupying army, intelligence agency, criminals, and allies, will defeat the guerrilla and exterminate the Kurds. The Kurdish freedom guerrilla and the rightful cause of the Kurdish people are invincible. In this battle, the Kurdish people will prevail, and the collaborating traitors and homicidal colonialist oppressors will be defeated. Without a doubt, the Kurdish people will overthrow the fascist regime and bring the traitors to justice soon. That time is fast approaching.

The people in Turkey need to be informed about the facts and the reality of the AKP-MHP by intellectuals, responsible journalists, and diligent journalists. The government’s policies will only bring catastrophe to the people of Turkey. Turkey and the Turkish people suffer the greatest harm from the policies of the AKP-MHP government, which are founded on Kurdish enmity.

It needs to be clarified where these policies are taking Turkey, allowing thieves and criminals to take advantage of the nation’s resources, of its labor force, and its natural beauty. All the AKP-MHP government does is drag Turkey deeper and deeper into chaos with each passing day. The Turkish people, along with the democratic and socialist forces, need to strengthen their alliance and solidarity with the Kurdish people in every aspect of life and intensify their fight against this fascist regime.

The Peshmerga were previously warned by us to stay away from the Turkish army’s bases. We issue this caution once more. All forces, especially the Peshmerga, are to avoid the Turkish army and its occupation bases. The anti-Kurdish policies of the Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP government should not be endorsed or sided with by anyone.


KCK Executive Council


Footnotes added  by the translator:

1 Area connecting North, South, and East Kurdistan, or, according to nation-state borders, Southeast Turkey, North Iraq, and West Iran, which is under the control of the guerrilla forces.