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march 22, 2024

Kurdish People Made Their Will Clear At Newroz

2024’s Newroz celebrations were perhaps the most spectacular in recent history. Millions of Kurds celebrated Newroz by taking to the streets in every part of Kurdistan, as well as abroad. They made a powerful display of their commitment to freedom and democracy. From South Kurdistan to Rojhilat, Sinê, Meriwan, Makû, from Serhat to Botan, from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to Zap, from Amed to Rojava, Shehba, Cizîra to Kobane, and from there to everywhere. Newroz was and continues to be celebrated with great excitement and involvement. The peak of this was the celebration held in Amed.

We honor the millions of people who have demonstrated through the celebrations, their desire and pursuit of freedom. We offer our appreciation to our people who filled the venues, performing songs about freedom, dancing halay, and honoring Newroz in a manner worthy of its historical significance. We believe this may reach higher levels still because of the ongoing Newroz celebrations. Again, we congratulate the patriotic people of Kurdistan on the Newroz occasion. We celebrate the Newroz of the resisting Kurdish mothers, and women as a whole who, in their love for freedom, added color to the celebrations. Through their presence and struggles, they are the ones who give life purpose and freedom.

The Kurdish people have clearly expressed their will and shown their stance on Newroz. In a way that leaves no room for debate, the Kurdish people have demonstrated that Rêber Apo1 stands for the will of the Kurds and that he is the sole interlocutor for the solution of the Kurdish question. They have also shown the necessity that Rêber Apo must be physically liberated as soon as possible and that they will not accept a life without him anymore. This was the clearest message of this years Newroz. The Kurdish people showed in one voice to their enemies that their will is Rêber Apo, that they protect their will, and that they will never give up the struggle for freedom.

The message that was given by the Kurdish people at Newroz must be understood correctly, everyone must be aware of this and must approach the Kurdish people accordingly. Those who act against this, those who fail to take this into account, will find the millions against them. This was one of the most important messages of this years Newroz. Also, the Kurdish people demonstrated that the impositions of denial, extermination, and genocide will be fruitless and that they will continue to strengthen their resistance and struggle against these impositions. In this respect, Newroz 2024 was a strong response to the genocidal policies of the anti-Kurdish fascist AKP-MHP government.

The nationalist, racist, fascist mentality and policies of the AKP-MHP government based on Kurdish hostility have dragged Turkey towards disaster. The AKP-MHP government is deepening this disaster every day. The will of the Kurdish people in Newroz has been a strong stance against this and AKP-MHP fascism as a whole. This is an attitude of solidarity with the peoples of Turkey, of living together and, on this basis, democratizing Turkey and saving it from further disasters. This Newroz disrupted the plans of those who looked for the solution elsewhere, those who saw the solution in genocide, and those who thought that they would get results by including others in their policies of extermination and genocide. It is clear that dirty plans will not pass Amed. The celebration of Newroz in Amed sent this message. We congratulate the glorious success of the Amed Newroz and greet everyone who participated in it.

The Newroz of 2024 has brought the Kurdish people’s freedom struggle to a new peak and proved that the year 2024 will end in victory. At the same time, the technical and tactical level reached by the guerrilla gave a great morale to our people and played a role in the strong and enthusiastic celebration of Newroz. In Newroz, the struggle of the guerrilla and the people complemented and strengthened one another and formed the basis for victory. We once again congratulate our people with the warmth of the Newroz fire.


KCK Executive Council

1 Referring to the people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.