Our Statements

march 23, 2024

Condemnation of the Brutal Attack in Moscow

An attack which took place last night during a concert in Moscow claimed the lives of dozens. We would like to express our profound empathy for this incident and extend our condolences to the families of those who were killed in the act of terrorism. We wish the wounded speedy recovery. We offer our sympathies to the people of Russia and share their suffering. We strongly condemn this atrocity executed by ISIS. This attack has yet again shown hatred and cruelty of ISIS against people and humanity.

ISIS is trained and led by the Turkish government and the AKP-MHP alliance; they are a weapon of the Turkish state. With ISIS, the AKP-MHP regime threatens everyone and uses this as leverage to get concessions. It employs ISIS against everyone and everything, including the Kurdish people and the Kurdish Freedom Movement in Syria, Iraq, and Europe. By all means, the Erdogan regime is once again attempting to enforce its schemes of colonialism and genocide. Using ISIS, the Turkish government implements these goals with a neo-Ottoman ideology. This reality has been exposed time and time again, everyone must act accordingly. It is apparent this is the motivation underlying the attack in Moscow. Via the attack, the AKP-MHP administration is coercing Russia and other nations into obeying its demands. Iran was previously the target of an attack akin to this one. ISIS was contracted by the Turkish government to conduct both assaults.

We strongly denounce this vicious attack once more. As the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we have fought against the barbarism and fascism of ISIS and though we have been victorious, we have also paid great prices in the process.

Once again, we declare that we are always on the side of the people and offer our sympathies to all the people who have been affected by this atrocity.


KCK Executive Council