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july 03, 2024

Turkish State Deploys ISIS mercenaries to Embattled Regions in Southern Kurdistan

On July 1, 2024, we drew attention to the false and manipulative statements of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior. During a process of important developments, it is crucial that the facts are reported correctly and action is taken accordingly.

To conceal its immoral and unlawful conduct, the colonialist and occupationist Turkish state resorts to all manners of provocations and disinformation. The underlying reason for this is the deadlock it faces in its war against the Kurdish freedom guerrilla. The Turkish state has suffered massive military losses, as evidenced by the HPG’s June balance sheet. In June alone, the guerrilla carried out 185 operations, and 46 Turkish occupation soldiers were punished. In the past month, the colonialist and occupationist Turkish state has launched hundreds of air strikes and attacked with chemical weapons and further prohibited explosives.

The conflict in Kurdistan is exceedingly intense and violent. Kurdistan’s independence guerrilla represents a resistance movement aimed at protecting Kurdish values and achievements. Although the colonialist and occupationist Turkish state employs the most advanced technology and weapons of the day, as well as chemical weapons and further banned explosives, without caring about any international law of war, it is clear that it faces a serious challenge from the Kurdish freedom guerrilla. It is obvious that the colonialist and occupationist Turkish state is stymied in this battle. Since it has failed to achieve results against the guerrilla, it is deploying fascist ISIS mercenaries into the areas it seeks to occupy, in addition to the village guards and Roj mercenaries.

Our people and the rest of the world are well aware that the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla demonstrated selfless resistance against ISIS attacks in Hewler (Erbil), Kirkuk, Makhmur, and Shengal (Sinjar) and defended humanity’s honor at tremendous sacrifice. This valiant, glorious, and determined war against the fascist ISIS mercenaries spread to North and East Syria, where it was again the guerrilla that brought the Turkey-backed ISIS mercenaries to the brink of extinction.

The connections between the fascist ISIS gangs, which are a blight upon the people of the region and the rest of humanity, and the colonialist and occupationist Turkish state are well documented. The fascist AKP state has always openly supported and harbored the ISIS gangs. Turkey has sponsored and organized the ISIS groups that have inflicted atrocities from Turkey to Moscow and throughout Europe. Today, the occupying Turkish state is deploying ISIS gangs across southern Kurdistan, trying to gain traction in its futile war against the guerrilla. While deploying these fascist ISIS mercenaries, the Turkish state is also bombarding North and East Syria on a daily basis to give its mercenaries breathing space.

As before, the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla will never allow the colonialist and occupationist Turkish army and fascist ISIS gangs to succeed.

The attitude of the KDP, which has condoned the settlement of ISIS mercenaries in southern Kurdistan and continues to collaborate with the invading Turkish regime, is shameful. It is providing weapons, ammunition, and forces to the occupying Turkish state. While it is unacceptable for any movement in southern Kurdistan to remain silent about the Turkish occupation and the deployment of ISIS mercenaries in the region, the KDP has gone even further to strengthen its ties with the occupationist regime. All patriotic intellectuals, academics, journalists, and democrats must take a firm stand against the KDP’s collaboration in order to prevent the Kurdish people from losing their freedom and unity again during this period of significant change.

The people and state of Iraq know ISIS well; they have been subjected to ISIS atrocities and attacks and experienced immense agony and tragedies through them. The Iraqi people and state are well aware that it was the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla that defeated and repulsed the attacks of the fascist ISIS gangs. The people and state of Iraq must take a firm stand against the resettling of ISIS in Iraq and southern Kurdistan by the colonialist and occupationist Turkish state, in collaboration with the KDP. They should not be passive bystanders and should instead be more sensitive, and through their reaction, they should ensure that ISIS is not given a new chance.

The international public should be aware of this as well; these ISIS gangs, who are currently fighting the Kurdistan freedom guerrillas, are poised to be a plague on humanity; like a ticking bomb, they will cause great harm. A solid reaction must be mounted against the Turkish state’s invasion of Iraq and southern Kurdistan and the deployment of these fascist ISIS gangs.

The Kurdish people fought the most noble fight in history against the ISIS terrorists. Today, regardless of where they are, our people must not only fight the gangs of ISIS with the same consistency as back then, but also the genocidal and occupationist Turkish regime. Together with our people, all forces aligned with patriotism and democracy must be sensitive to the KDP’s evil relations and respond accordingly.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee