Our Statements

july 03, 2024

The System of Democratic Nation as a Response to the Attempts to Divide the Peoples

We strongly oppose the fact that Syrian refugees have been targeted in Turkey in recent days, with lynchings, targeted shootings, and raids on their homes, vehicles, and workplaces. These are the results of the manipulation that is being catalyzed by the racist and fascist Turkish state.

This inhumane situation must end as quickly as possible. The manipulation attempts of the racist, fascist, and conspiratorial AKP-MHP regimes must be monitored closely, and any attempt to mislead must be resisted. One must not harbor hostility towards other peoples, hold negative feelings towards them, or act aggressively towards them. This is unacceptable in human society. The AKP-MHP administration is playing dirty games. It is consciously attempting to achieve its fascist goals by pitting people against one another. These attacks, which began in Kayseri and extended to other locations, are the result of an AKP-MHP plot against society. In this regard, we issue a plea to everyone to exercise reasonable judgment.

The fascist administration of the AKP-MHP has played a significant role in the growth and worsening of Syria’s instability. By directing the course of the conflict, the Turkish state has deliberately and purposefully lured millions of Syrians to Turkey, using this as a means to blackmail Europe through its refugee policy, while also committing occupation and genocide against the Kurdish and Syrian peoples in the areas it has dehumanized through the mercenaries it has recruited. In northern Syria, the fascist Turkish administration has been trying to implement the Misak-i Milli1 plan through a neo-ottomanist approach. For years, the homicidal imperialist dictatorship has done all in its power to escalate the Syrian conflict. It has fed, supported, financed, and equipped violent fascist groups that commit crimes against humanity. It perpetrated atrocities and genocides. The Turkish state has fueled and escalated fascist mercenary armies guising as religious groups and used them to reach its expansionist ambitions. It went further to launch an occupation offensive against Rojava and Syria, changing the demographics of the areas it occupied. It slaughtered, displaced, and made people miserable. Death, torture, rape, and other crimes have become commonplace in the areas annexed by the Turkish state. The AKP-MHP administration persists in its policy of transforming Syria into a bloodbath in which people are pitted against one another. It aims to turn not just Syria but also Turkey into a bloodbath.

The AKP-MHP government’s approach to Syrian refugees has also been within the framework of this dirty policy. It is becoming clearer by the day that it is a great deception and distortion that Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP are pro-Arab or that they defend Arab society. The fascist chief, Tayyip Erdogan, does not care about the Arab people. His whole effort is to make the Arab people hostile to the Kurds, to make the Kurdish people and the Arab people turn against each other. Likewise, he wants to pit the Kurdish people against the Turkish people and the Arab people against the Turkish people. He is trying to keep his collapsing power alive by making the peoples break against each other. He wants to prolong its life by leaving the Kurds, who are waging the most just and legitimate struggle for freedom and democracy in the world, without self-government and self-defense. He uses everything as a bargaining chip to achieve this goal. Within this framework, he is also trying to use the Arab people as a tool for his genocidal colonialist dirty mentality. The racist and fascist attacks against the Syrian people in Turkey are a result of the anti-people policy carried out by the fascist regime of the AKP-MHP.

As peoples, we have the power and wisdom to live together. We can and must rebuild our lives everywhere based on the brotherhood of peoples and the consciousness of co-existence without setting new borders, without changing demographics. It is our most basic desire that peoples live together and equally in peace, love and brotherhood. As the Kurdish freedom movement, we work and struggle for this. Rêber Apo’s2 paradigm of democratic nation guarantees the brotherly co-existence of peoples. According to the understanding of the democratic nation, the most correct and valuable approach to overcome the existing problems is for peoples to live together in love, peace, fraternity and equality.

Once again, we condemn the racist and fascist attacks, and call on everyone to stand strongly against these fascist attacks in solidarity with all Syrian peoples, particularly the Arab people.


KCK Executive Council


1 The so-called ‘National Pact’ refers to a political declaration made by the leaders of the Ottoman Empire in 1920 during the First World War. The oath defined the territorial borders – including Kurdish settlement areas in present-day Iraq and Syria – and the basic principles for Turkey’s future policy. Today, Turkish nationalists often refer to the ‘National Pact’ to formulate their aspirations for Turkey’s territorial expansion.

2 Referring to Kurdish peoples leader Abdullah Ocalan.