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june 26, 2024

South Kurdistan And Iraq Must Rise Up Against Turkish Occupation

On June 22, an extensive convoy of Turkish trucks and military vehicles crossed from Amediye into Kani Masi. Later, during the night of June 23, another Turkish army convoy crossed from Dohuk to Amediye. On the night of June 24, an extensive convoy of heavy weapons and armored vehicles entered Amediye for the third time. Turkish mobilization and military transfers between regions and territories of southern Kurdistan continue.

The Turkish occupation of these territories, which are jointly responsible to Iraq and the south Kurdish administration, has been carried out with the knowledge and permission of the KDP administration and the Baghdad government. The Baghdad administration, which has consistently emphasized Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, is now laying the groundwork for the legitimization of Turkish occupation through a “border security agreement” with Turkey. In a situation where the Turkish army already occupies thirty to forty kilometers of Iraqi territory, established hundreds of military bases and outposts in these territories, and uses the airspace and ground as it chooses, both Iraqi border security and Iraqi sovereignty have been breached.

The KDP, on the other hand, is proactively putting all its means at the service of the Turkish army, for it to successfully occupy the region. The KDP is in responsible for not only defending Turkish outposts and bases in south Kurdistan and providing frontline protection, but also ensuring the transportation and security of the Turkish army between regions for new occupation operations, directly participating in the creation of new Turkish bases, and also assisting Turkish soldiers with sheltering, transportation, and logistics. With this mindset, the KDP and the Barzani family are equally accountable as the Turkish state for the bloodshed and martyrdom of the daughters and sons of the Kurdish people fighting against the fascist Turkish state.

The Kurdish people should be highly conscious of the KDP’s corrupt and sinister links with the genocidal Turkish regime. It has become evident that the KDP have no interest in protecting the Kurdish identity; they are primarily concerned with building their own fortune and that of their families. Otherwise, the KDP would not work with the Turkish government in their fight against the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla.

In the places it occupies, the Turkish army is attempting to establish forbidden zones where no one is permitted to enter. They are performing identity checks in the locations where they have put up military bases, blocking residents from access their farms and fields without the authorization of Turkish soldiers. The Turkish military, among other things, uses this strategy to carry out a thorough campaign of rural evacuation and displacement. The Iraqi state and the KDP administration take no stand against this program, allowing thousands of Kurdish youths to migrate to Europe and die tragically on way.

The lack of reaction by Baghdad and Hewler (Erbil) against the Turkish occupation of southern Kurdistan and Iraqi territory is a very serious threat to the future of the communities living in Iraq. The danger is that the Turkish occupation is permanent and will eventually turn into an annexation. Along with the lack of reaction of both administrations, the lack of reaction of Iraqi political parties, media, journalists, tribes, faith groups, intellectuals, writers, academics, and society are not acceptable. Especially the patriotic Kurdistan youth should not remain silent against these degrading attacks by the genocidal and occupying Turkish state and should be able to react strongly.

All Iraqis, especially the people of southern Kurdistan, must oppose the occupation and annexation of their lands by the Turkish army. By rejecting the policies of their own governments that legitimize Turkish occupation, they should take an active stance against the occupation. All kinds of actions and activities ought to be developed in order to throw the Turkish bases out of the Iraqi territory and to end the Turkish occupation. What is happening is that the genocidal-colonialist Turkish state is openly seizing and annexing the lands of southern Kurdistan before the eyes of the world, disregarding international law and moral standards. The most essential obligation of every Kurd and Iraqi citizen is to resist against this.

As a result, all Iraqi peoples, particularly Kurds, should raise their voices and resist against the Turkish state’s occupation as a foundation of human dignity and a necessity for freedom.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee