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march 20, 2024

The guerrillas have always portrayed extraordinary bravery, selflessness, and ingenuity in their combat, always delivering powerful strikes. It has been destroying the fascism of the AKP-MHP with big revolutionary actions every day as of October. The art of guerrilla warfare has developed to an unprecedented extent.

Our ‘People’s Defense Headquarters’ (HSM) announced a few days ago that they will be making some important announcements. This was crucial, and it came at the perfect moment to give Newroz additional meaning. It increased everyone’s sense of unity with the spirit of Newroz and made the celebration even more vibrant. It filled everyone pursuing freedom with enormous hope and joy, while striking terror and suffering into the hearts of the fascists.

We have previously told the fascist AKP-MHP administration the following: You pitch yourself; you receive a little help here and there, you launch this and that attack, and you believe that this represents your own individual strength. You wave around your newly acquired weapons and technical tools, like a sword against the guerrilla. You brag to have “hit” someone, launching massive missiles as though they were bullets. Though, you forget that these weapons are not exclusive to you. So you may not be the only one who can use them. What will you do if tomorrow they are used by others and anyone can purchase them?

Since the ‘People’s Defense Forces’ (HPG) have released their latest announcement, AKP-MHP fascism has understood this better. You have come across an effective tool; do not claim sovereignty of it while you rejoice. It -and maybe even more effective tools- could just be utilized by others against you. In truth, there isn’t much to say in regard to this. We are left with no words but to appreciate the HPG since it speaks for itself. On behalf of our party leadership, I applaud and congratulate the whole command and combat force of the HPG and ‘Free Women’s Units’ (YJA Star), and I also wish them great success.

The guerrilla has always given us hope, pioneered us. They have always, constantly, been a source of hope to our people. Once again, the guerrilla has strengthened hope and bold aspirations this Newroz. The guerrilla contributed significantly to this year’s Newroz by igniting the fire in the skies rather than on the ground. It demonstrated how much the freedom struggle may grow and flourish and how crucial guerrilla leadership is to the movement’s success. Although this was always known, it has been proven once more.

The Kurdish people, the youth, and women did not make a mistake by embracing the guerrilla so much. It was a correct strategy to take the guerrilla’s organization and consciousness of freedom to lead the liberation movement to triumph. This fact has been abundantly confirmed once more by the resistance in Zap, Avaşîn, and Metîna as well as the heroic stance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla in the face of fascist, colonialist, and genocidal attacks. This will be the case moving forward.

Our people should trust the guerrilla more; give it more support and strength. They should embrace the guerrilla even more. We will succeed more as we internalize the style of the guerrilla, as we acquire the consciousness of the guerrilla, and as we elevate ourselves to the status of a guerrillarized people. Through this, our demands, our fight, and our quest for freedom will all be achieved. Let this be known, let this be believed in.

On this basis, let us raise the support for the guerrilla. Let us guerrilize ourselves. These actions, this struggle, and this heroism show the need for and success of this. Especially for the Kurdish youth, it has become clear that there is no other way to stand free and gain in the struggle for freedom than by becoming part of the guerrilla, than to become a force of attraction. The guerrilla gives consciousness and direction to the youth. Let’s become guerrillas, lets fight, and lets win.