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april 04, 2024

The Resistance of the People of Wan is Revolutionary

With the joint labor, solidarity, and collective efforts of all the peoples of Turkey, a historical resistance and victory was accomplished in Wan. We salute and celebrate the significant and historical resistance of the people. Across Turkey, and particularly in Kurdish cities, protests and rallies were carried out in solidarity with the people of Wan. The people of Turkey, along with the democratic forces, demonstrated a strong opposition to the AKP-MHP government’s usurping of free will. The people and democratic forces across Turkey demonstrated an important stand against the AKP-MHP government’s attempts to usurp municipalities. The people are growing closer to one another, their sense of coexistence has been strengthened, and the foundation for united struggle has been laid with this meaningful stance by the peoples and democratic forces. The victory that was achieved in Wan is a true democratic victory. It reflects the democratic stance which the peoples have adopted in opposition to the attempts of the AKP-MHP administration to institutionalize fascism. It has cleared the path for Turkey’s democratic transition and illustrated the potential of the peoples’ united resistance and struggle against fascism, against pillaging, and usurping regimes. It is a highly significant and historical development in this regard.

It is apparent that the deepening issues and disasters in Turkey are a result of the AKP-MHP government’s policies, which are driven by enmity toward the Kurds. With the persecution of Kurdish people, the AKP-MHP administration is inflicting damage to all of Turkey and its people. The labor, resources, and ideals of Turkey are being exploited. A fascist group has taken the country by the collar, dragging it into an environment of famine, poverty, and suffering; they try to establish a fascist, exploitative system in Turkey while completely suppressing the society’s demands for justice, freedom, democracy, and a fair and dignified life. Their attempts to incite hatred toward the Kurdish people is to divide society and set peoples against one another.

Under the pretext of fighting the Kurds, they have robbed Turkey of its freedoms and democracy, they have snatched away the country’s future. They have come to an extent where they reject the most minor democratic demand. This racist, fascist, repressive, looting, and thieving attitude oppresses and exploits Kurdish people, Turkish people, and the people of Turkey alike. This is why the people are mobilizing against this exploitation and tyranny in unity. The Kurdish people fight against bigotry, denial, and fascism in their fight for freedom and democracy. They push for Turkish democracy because they trust that this would solve their problems. The democratization of Turkey is not only being fought for by the Kurds but also by the rest of the people in Turkey. Wan is a powerful embodiment of this. Not only the will of the people of Wan, but the will of Turkey as a whole was safeguarded. This is what gives the Wan resistance its distinctive and important qualities. This is a very welcome and important step.

The municipal elections on March 31st brought to light a new reality. The fascist AKP-MHP was severely defeated as a result of the repression and deception it inflicted. The peoples and the democratic forces claimed victory. Refusing to accept this major loss, the AKP-MHP administration attempted to trample on popular will via new schemes. It pursued schemes in several regions of Turkey and Kurdistan. Nonetheless, the peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey have demonstrated a resolute stance against the AKP-MHP machinations. These sentiments, both in the East and the West, are extremely important and are intended to safeguard democracy. Their success has strengthened them amid the conspiracies spreading throughout Turkey. Had the AKP-MHP government succeeded in usurping the will in Wan, it would have spared no time to recreate this policy in other areas throughout Kurdistan and Turkey. If it had passed the test in Wan, it would have been applied everywhere in Turkey and Kurdistan where the AKP had lost power. But the solidarity and resistance of the peoples destroyed this logic, their solidarity is why fascism failed.

The people of Wan were unquestionably at the center of this struggle. The people of Wan defeated fascism with a remarkable act of resistance. The struggle of the people of Wan, which begun on April 2 and resulted in victory on April 3, is a revolution. They have developed a new style of serhildan1, which they developed entirely by their own political consciousness, will, and dynamics. Thus, adding a new phase to the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle.

We extend our greetings and respect, and salute the Wan people for their remarkable resistance and revolution. Once more, we extend our greetings and congratulations to all Kurdish people who simultaneously initiated resistance in all of Kurdistan’s cities, in solidarity with the community in Wan. Furthermore, we applaud the young people and women who stood at the forefront of this struggle.

It is vital to reflect further on the 3 April victory and make evaluations. The democratic forces must strengthen themselves with the power they have gained in this developing process. This is among the most significant inferences that may be made in relation to the victory on April 3. Because unity and a shared fight led to this victory against fascism. Only by intensifying the common struggle and solidarity will the racist, repressive, pillaging, thieving fascist mentality be completely defeated and only then will Turkey become democratic. Wan paved the path for this and took the initial action. Expanding it further is what’s required. We urge the peoples and democratic forces to fortify their solidarity with this hope and conviction.


KCK Executive Council


1 Kurdish word for ‘popular uprising’, similar to the word ‘intifada’.