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march 07, 2024

As Women Are Liberated, Society and Life Will Be Liberated

We celebrate the International Working Women’s Day on March 8. In belief that women’s freedom will lead to the liberation of all humankind, we celebrate the efforts of women and declare that, as the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we stand by and are in solidarity with them.

The nature, emotional wealth, and mindset of women are fundamental to the development and socialization of humanity. The socialist, uniting, and sharing qualities of women have been crucial to the socialization of people as well as the advancement of social life, thought, knowledge, culture, and the arts. Women have paved the way for the growth of society through their efforts.

Women have been at the forefront of the evolution of society with their labor. The formation of all values and advancements that benefit humanity and society, from the most significant tasks to the daily fundamental ones, are primarily a product of the labor of women. Because of these feelings and the extra work that women have put in, human life now has morality, beauty, and meaning. In other words, we owe our existence as human beings to women.

The times when women’s nature and color were completely reflected throughout society were also times of freedom, equality, and a lack of oppression, dominance, and exploitation. For tens of thousands of years, humanity has lived in this manner, and during that time, life has been free and peaceful.

The balance of life was disrupted and the free, egalitarian life based on love, peace, and sharing perished when males who were cut off from society and devoid of freedom, equality, peace, and love targeted the socialist, free nature of women. Since the development of the male-dominated mentality, women have been subjected to systematic oppression, exploitation and violence. Society has been subjected to the same oppression, exploitation and violence that women have been subjected to; freedom and peace have disappeared and the era of war, violence, occupation and genocide has begun. Since women express sociality, when women are targeted and subjugated, society is also targeted and subjugated.

Since capitalist modernity system is the one that most exploits the nature, work, and body of women, it symbolizes the pinnacle of the male-dominated mindset. Capitalist modernity has developed science, technique, art, and all forms of ideas, in a way that serves its sexist mentality; using them as instruments to subjugate and take advantage of women. Additionally, the system that most abuses and corrupts society and life is capitalist modernity. The system that most clearly illustrates how the connection between society and women has been disrupted is capitalist modernity.

Without a question, women have always opposed and refused to embrace the dominant male mindset and its exploitative and enslaving practices. The society’s conscience of freedom and free will have only survived because of the objections and resistance of women. The striving for freedom and resistance of women have been at the center of humanity’s continuous struggle throughout history against systems of control, exploitation, and genocide.

Throughout history, the fight for women’s independence has never wavered; rather, it has only become stronger and stronger reaching a point, today, where it is at the forefront of society’s modern-day liberation movement. Women are leading the struggle and advancing forward everywhere. Under the phrase JIN JIYAN AZADÎ1, liberation and freedom battles are currently taking place all over the world.

In the development of our movement and the Kurdistan revolution, women’s changing and transformative influence, labor and leadership have played a fundamental role. Our movement draws its strength and motivation from the power of women and their passion for free life. The Kurdistan revolution is developing with the color and leadership of women. Undoubtedly, this characteristic of the Kurdistan revolution is the result of Rêber Apo’s2 approach.

By placing women’s freedom at the center of the movement and valuing them highly, Rêber Apo is laying the groundwork for women’s organization and free will. Because of this, our movement and the Kurdistan revolution are now distinct and have an attribute that empowers women. Rêber Apo has focused a lot of attention and energy on raising awareness amongst women in relation to their own independence and struggle. With the help of the ideological and philosophical stances he established, he created a new paradigm and way of living that values the independence of women.

Women across the world now acknowledge, appreciate, and cherish Rêber Apo’s achievements. Women led the campaign and struggle for Rêber Apo’s physical freedom. We think that this stand taken by women is very important and meaningful, and on this important day, we would like to show our appreciation all women once again.

Thousands and tens of thousands of women were martyred in the Kurdistan Women’s Freedom Struggle, which influenced the world. In this struggle, great pioneers and leaders such as Sakine Cansız/Sara (She emerged and formed the identity and character of the women’s liberation struggle. Rêber Apo has stated that the women’s liberation struggle is the struggle of Sara. We commemorate all women’s freedom martyrs with respect and gratitude in the person of comrade Sara, who played a great role in the universalization of the women’s freedom struggle in Kurdistan. We believe that as women are liberated, society and life will also be liberated. With this belief, we once again congratulate the women of the world on March 8, express our solidarity with their struggle and wish them great success.


KCK Executive Council


1 Jin Jiyan Azadi – Kurdish for “Woman, Life, Freedom’ – is a slogan developed by Abdullah Öcalan in 2008 as a slogan for Jineolojî, the science of women, which was also a proposal of him.

2 Referring to Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.