Our Statements

november 07, 2021

Let’s Increase our Struggle Against the Isolation and Torture System on Imrali!

Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] has been held in severe solitary confinement for 23 years. Since July 2011, that is, for ten years now, he has been… read more

november 05, 2021

We Call for International Investigations in the Guerrilla Areas of South Kurdistan

A genocide is being committed against the Kurdish people before the eyes of the world public. Yet the entire world is simply watching in silence… read more

october 07, 2021

23 Years too Many: Let`s Increase our Struggle for Önder Apo`s Freedom!

Filled with great anger, we condemn the International Conspiracy of October 9, 1998, which was perpetrated against Önder Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] and thus… read more

september 20, 2021

Use of Chemical Weapons: Turkish Government Needs to be Put on Trial

The HPG (People’s Defense Forces) stated in an official statement that the Turkish state has been attacking the guerrilla areas in South Kurdistan with… read more

september 19, 2021

“The Murder of our Comrade Şükrü Serhat in Süleymaniye is Part of the Genocidal Policy of the Turkish State”

Our comrade Şükrü Serhat, who dedicated his entire life to the struggle for freedom and was most recently active as a member of… read more

september 11, 2021

Our Goal is the Defeat of AKP-MHP Fascism and the Liberation of Önder Apo!

One year has passed since the launch of our offensive “Stop Isolation, Occupation and Fascism – Time for Freedom” on September 12, 2020. In the past year… read more

september 06, 2021

Taking a Stance Against KDP Attacks

The KDP recently attacked a group of seven guerrilla fighters who were on their way to a guerrilla-controlled area. Only a few weeks earlier… read more

august 31, 2021

KCK Statement on Explosion in Ezidi Refugee Camp

In the late evening hours of August 30, 2021, an explosion occurred in the Qadiya refugee camp in the Zaxo region of the Kurdistan Region Iraq… read more

august 23, 2021

Let’s Break the Silence on Turkish War Crimes!

We hereby condemn the attack by Turkish warplanes on a hospital in the village of Sikêniyê in the Sinjar region, where civilians were being treated… read more

august 18, 2021

No Free Êzidîxan Without Resistance!

The Turkish state has proven that it is an ally of the Islamic State (IS) through its renewed attacks on Sinjar. Its fighter jets bombed the car in which… read more

august 13, 2021

38 Years After August 15, Genocidal Colonialism Will Finally Be Defeated

We salute Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], who launched the August 15 offensive, thereby awakening the Kurdish people from their death sleep and thus… read more

august 04, 2021

“Reports that the Forest Fires in Turkey were set by Kurds and the PKK are a Lie”

Forest fires have recently broken out in many places in Turkey, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. They have resulted in the loss… read more

august 02, 2021

The Self-Administration and Self-Defense Forces of the Ezidis Must Be Recognized

Seven years ago, on August 3, 2014, the Islamic State (IS) committed a genocide in Sinjar, the Ezidis’ center of life. Thousands of Ezidi Kurds were murdered… read more

july 31, 2021

Preventing a War Between the KDP and the Guerrilla

For 100 days, the attacks of the Turkish state on the Medya Defense Zones have been going on. The guerrilla resists against these attacks, which are… read more

july 22, 2021

The Repression and Genocide Attacks Against the Kurds Will Not Go Unanswered

In the past few days, attacks against Kurds have taken place in various cities in Turkey. We express our condolences to the family of Hakim Dal, who was… read more

july 17, 2021

“The Rojava Revolution has Changed the Middle East Fundamentally”

On the 9th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, we remember all the fighters and commanders who fell as martyrs during the revolution… read more

june 16, 2021

“We Welcome the Launch of the `Defend Kurdistan` Initiative”

For almost two months, heavy fighting has been going on between the guerrilla – this selfless force of the Kurdish people`s struggle for freedom – and… read more

june 12, 2021

Let`s Recognize the Seriousness of the Situation and Take Action!

While heavy fighting is taking place between the guerrilla and the Turkish army in Metina, Avaşin and Zap, the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) is… read more

june 06, 2021

Taking a Joint Stance Against the Cooperation of the KDP with the Turkish State

The KDP has recently begun an operation aimed at encircling the guerrilla areas. This operation comes as the fighting between the guerrilla and… read more

june 02, 2021

The Spirit of Gezi and the Kurdish People’s Struggle Will Bring about a Democratic Turkey and a Free Kurdistan

Today is the 18th anniversary of the June 1, 2004 offensive. On this occasion, we would like to remember all our martyrs who played a role in… read more

june 02, 2021

Urgent Call for all International Ecological, Environmental and Human Rights Organizations

The Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan (North Iraq) are not only a human catastrophe, but also lead to a massive ecological disaster. Turkey`s aim is to occupy… read more

may 05, 2021

The Guerrilla Defends all of Kurdistan

The genocidal, fascist AKP-MHP government has been carrying out an occupation attack against the Medya Defense Zones for 13 days now. Its goal… read more

april 28, 2021

Let`s Increase our Struggle for Building a World Where Every Day is a New May 1st

We would like to congratulate all workers of the world and the Middle East and all Kurdish workers on the occasion of May 1st… read more

april 25, 2021

On the Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide a New Genocidal Attack against the Kurds Unfolds

In the evening hours of April 23, the Turkish state launched a full-scale attack on the Medya Defense Zones which are controlled… read more

april 21, 2021

US Department of State`s Immoral Decree on PKK Leadership Needs to be Revoked

On April 20, 2021, the US Department of State renewed a decision it had previously taken concerning three Kurdish revolutionaries… read more

april 03, 2021

Let`s Turn Everywhere into a Place of Struggle for the Freedom of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan

We wish the Kurdish people and women and all peoples a happy birthday of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan on April 4. We celebrate… read more

march 30, 2021

The HBDH Carries on the Tradition of Mahir Çayan and his Comrades

On March 30, 1972, Mahir Çayan and nine of his comrades fell martyr in the village Kızıldere (Tokat/Niksar, Turkey). This resulted from… read more

march 22, 2021

Need for Constant Protests for Freedom of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan

This year`s Newroz was celebrated in a historic way in all the four parts of Kurdistan and abroad. The Newroz celebrations have increased the spirit… read more

march 17, 2021

Newroz 2021: Let`s Crush the Isolation and Free our Leader Abdullah Öcalan

The people of Kurdistan and the Middle East are about to celebrate another historic Newroz. We commemorate all Newroz martyrs… read more

march 16, 2021

Protests Need to Continue until Face-to-Face Meeting with our Leader Abdullah Öcalan

Based on statements made by a MHP member of the Turkish parliament certain claims regarding the health of our leader Abdullah Öcalan… read more

march 05, 2021

Women will Uproot the AKP-MHP Government

We congratulate everybody on the International Women`s Day and commemorate all women who have fallen as martyrs in the struggle against male hegemony. March 8th is the day on which we pass from the winter of male domination… read more

march 03, 2021

KDP Needs to Refrain from Handing over Kurdish Politicians and Revolutionaries to Turkey

The KDP has handed over yet another Kurdish politician to the Turkish state. Because of his political activism Ömer Bartan, who was arrested by the KDP… read more

february 14, 2021

The Genocidal Policy of the Turkish State was Defeated in Garê

Similar to the attack on the Zap region on February 21, 2008, an occupation attack was was recently started against the Medya Defense Zones. For four days, more than 50 fighter jets and dozens of helicopters bombed the Garê region… read more

february 13, 2021

This Year, We Will Liberate our Leader and Kurdistan

The international conspiracy against our Leader Abdullah Öcalan which took place on February 15, 1999, constitutes an attack against the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people as a whole. We commemorate all those who have fallen martyr… read more

february 11, 2021

We Call on Our People to Resist Against the Occupation

Shortly after the visit of the Turkish War Minister and the general chief of staff to Iraq and South Kurdistan, the genocidal, colonialist Turkish army has started an attack on the Gare region. This operation aims at occupying… read more

january 23, 2021

DAESH Baghdad Attacks Follow Turkish Defense Minister`s Iraq Visit

We strongly condemn the brutal attack that was carried out in Iraq`s capital Baghdad on January 21. May those killed in this attack rest in peace. We also wish all the wounded a quick recovery… read more

january 08, 2021

January has turned into the `Month of Female Martyrs`

We remember with respect our comrades Sara, Rojbin and Ronahi and renew our promise to put into practice their dream of a free Kurdistan, a democratic Turkey and a democratic Middle East based on women`s freedom… read more

december 23, 2020

The arrest of Leyla Güven exposes the reality of the Turkish State

Tens of MPs and mayors, hundreds of leading HDP members and thousands of democratic politicians find themselves imprisoned in Turkey. The arrest of tens of thousands of politicians demonstrate the hostility against… read more

december 16, 2020

KDP`s Perception Operation Harms Kurdish Unity

KDP media outlets and the prime minister of the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI), Mesrur Barzani, have recently intensified their anti-propaganda and perception operations against our Freedom Movement… read more

december 10, 2020

Mesrur Barzani Legitimizes Turkish Occupation

During yesterday`s press conference Mesrur Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, distorted a variety of recent events. The KDP failed to protect the Ezidi population against the IS attacks in 2014 and left it to its plight… read more

november 27, 2020

For the PKK, Challenges Motivate Struggle

On the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of PKK, we would like to congratulate our leader Abdullah Öcalan, our people, and all those pursuing the resistance in the mountains, valleys, prisons, and on the streets… read more

november 06, 2020

Response to US DOS Statement

On November 4, 2020, KDP armed forces started an operation against the Gare region. Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas took all the necessary measures to avoid an armed conflict. But unfortunately, KDP forces’ insistence… read more

november 05, 2020

Mesud Barzani Seeks Pretext for a New War

The commander of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG), Murat Karayilan, had previously declared in a public statement that the KDP was deploying military forces in order to encircle the guerrilla. He had stressed… read more

october 27, 2020

Turkish State and KDP are Biggest Threat to KRG Security

The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq has embarked on a widespread smear campaign against our Freedom Movement. They don`t fall short of distorting the facts in order to mislead the public opinion… read more

october 24, 2020

The Two Kurdish Youths Must be Released Immediately

On June 17, 2019, two Kurdish youths who allegedly shot a high-ranking officer of the Turkish secret service MIT in a restaurant in Erbil were sentenced to death in a show trial. The decision of the south Kurdish court… read more

october 11, 2020

Any Agreement that does not Include the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Sinjar is Unacceptable

On October 9, the Iraqi government and the government of South Kurdistan issued a statement declaring they have mutually agreed on the future of Sinjar… read more

october 09, 2020

We Support the Oct. 10 “Global Action Day for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan”

The intention of the international conspiracy in 1998 was to obstruct our Freedom Movement which was showing remarkable progress based on the new paradigm of Abdullah Öcalan. Today, in all four parts of Kurdistan… read more